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Insights from the author[edit source]

After publishing my insights on the bloody diary's talk page, I thought afterward that how interesting it would be if I managed to get in touch with the other competition winners, and perhaps get them to put out something similar.

I've managed to get in touch with Sundays, the author of the The Eight Clans; the following is an exclusive insight from herself.

The Eight Clans was actually the second submission I wrote and the one I spent a lot less time on. The first entry was a journal/diary by one of the elves who travelled through the Underground Pass with Baxtorian following Iowerth's rebellion and takeover of Prifddinas. It probably wasn't selected for a few reasons, mainly that it was pretty dark and twisted, owing to the creepy vibes that the Underground Pass quest has. It was also about 4,000 words long, so it was probably a little overambitious on my part, haha.

As for what exactly I was thinking when I wrote the hymn, I can't say. I was doing a read through of the Bible at the time, so I guess you could say I was in a religious mood. Part of the design for the hymn was the poetic nature of religious songs and praise. The Quran in its original Arabic is written in prose, a number of Psalms in the Bible are poetic or lyrical, and some are even acrostics of the Hebrew alphabet - each verse of the psalm starts with its respective letter. Hymns aren't necessarily rhyming but I wanted to keep a rhyme scheme to match my piece's lyrical nature. It's written to be sung and I had a tune I sang in my head as I wrote it.

In addition to writing while in a religious mood, I chose a hymn because I feel that religion in OSRS is sadly underdeveloped. Given how impactful religion is in our own world, it seems like we ought to be able to explore more of Gielinor's religions than we can in game. I know that RS3 expands on the lore of the gods, but as far as I know it stays just that - the gods. The day to day practices of each god's acolytes and worshipers is extremely vague, and it seems to me like the Saradominist religion's main tenet is, "Zamorak bad!" What does a Saradominist church service look like? What days and rituals are considered sacred to Guthixians? What are the sacred works and symbols of Zamorakians? All of that is never discussed or explored beyond a few snippets that we can preach from out of the Treasure Trail god books. Bandos' religion gets some expansion in the Zanik quest line, but I don't think we reached that point in OSRS' timeline.

So I wanted to expand on what religion looks like for the little people of Gielinor, since it's something that even our own world's history sadly often glosses over. What did a medieval European church service look like? What days and rituals were considered sacred to 15th century Persian Zoroastrians? What were the sacred works and symbols of a Khmer Buddhist peasant? You might be able to find a vague answer somewhere, but anything concrete is unlikely. History might be written about big figures, but it's comprised of the little people. The Prifddinas lore competition provided a great opportunity for such a work since the religion of Seren is nonexistent beyond, "We worship Seren."

To write the hymn itself I mostly relied on this blog, since it sketched the outlines of the eight clans. Some of it wasn't enough to go on where there wasn't enough info on a specific clan, so I had to go to the RS3 wiki to find out what the clan actually specialised in. Sometimes that wasn't very helpful, since RS3's clans and skills are a bit different, so I had to wing it for one or two.

I remember lying in bed one night when the verse for Iowerth just hit me, so I got out of bed to write it down before I forgot it. Hefin was similar, where the verse just came to me and I was like, "Oh damn, that's pretty good. Let me write that down." Unfortunately the muses weren't with me for all of the verses; I remember struggling with a few, especially Meilyr. I still don't like Meilyr's verse, and I remember at one point having rewritten it post-Song of the Elves release and wondering if I should message Jagex and request that they change it. I never did, and it was probably too late anyway haha. Unfortunately I didn't save whatever my rewrite was, so I can't provide it and all we have is the dumpster fire that's in game. Sorry Meilyr. Amlodd's isn't great either, the last sentence is really wonky. Cadarn's first line should also be at least a syllable longer. I'll have to stop there, as I'm reading through it again I keep finding things that I don't like and would change if I could...

Each verse is six lines of three sentences, with each sentence being broken into two lines. I'm not sure there's any reason for that other than my divinely inspired Iowerth and Hefin verses fitting that paradigm. Some of it relies on slant rhymes, since there aren't many words that directly rhyme well or are related to some of the clan names. How do you pronounce Meilyr anyway? I also wanted to include the World Gate, since it's one of the few parts of Seren's lore that we are actually told about. Prior to the release of my hymn it's mentioned in Prifddinas' history from Mourning's End II. I suppose that book also inspired some of what my hymn details.

I'm really pleased to have some of my work in game, especially since I love the lore of any games, films, and books I consume (I'm a huge fan of A Song of Ice and Fire). Being able to contribute to the lore of OSRS, a game that I've played since childhood and whose quests I adore, was a really cool experience and I'd love to do it again. If there are any future events that are similar I'd 100% enter, since story lines, world building, and their associated intrigue are things I love.

I hope that answers your questions! :)

-- Recent uploads SpineTalkContribs 03:09, 20 July 2020 (UTC)