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Insights from the author[edit source]

After publishing my insights on the bloody diary's talk page, I thought afterward that how interesting it would be if I managed to get in touch with the other competition winners, and perhaps get them to put out something similar. I've managed to get in touch with a few, and I hope they will be willing to publish one too.

The following is an exclusive insight from the author of The Living Statues, Thaumar.

The Inspiration[edit source]

I enjoy writing. Poems, short stories, you name it. When my imagination gets active, I like to think up of stories that could possibly have happened with the more ambiguous aspects of existing lore. Alas, it was nothing more than fanfiction.

One day, Jagex released a blog detailing what will happen for the release of the Song of the Elves quest, which included a few competitions. One of them was a lore writing competition, where user submitted stories could possibly be turned into official canon. Finally, it was my time to shine like the luster of tourmaline.

Picking the Topic[edit source]

The Guardian Boots is made by combining the Bandos Boots and the Black Tourmaline Core, and the text that is printed during the process includes "Perhaps there is some link between the metal in Bandos and tourmaline..." That line was what got my gears turning. For 2 years the relationship between these two objects went unexplained, and I grew tired of waiting. I will decide what happened myself.

However, I didn't think that writing only about the Guardian Boots would give me much to work with. So I decided to expand my horizons and add on to the lore on Viggora's Folly itself. I would be the one to tell the origins of the gargoyles and, of course, the Grotesque Guardians.

Crafting the Story[edit source]

Since our stories would become official lore if we won, the mods wanted us to make sure that our stories did not conflict with any existing canon. Luckily for me, the Slayer Tower did not have much recorded history between the Second and Fifth Age, so there was some flexibility there. However, writing a standalone story with no real connection to any of the other lore was boring, so i decided to give myself the extra challenge of incorporating my story with the God Wars of the Third Age.

That was the setting decided, so it was time to get to the heart of any good story: the characters. One of the big questions was who exactly would the author of this story be? It heavily involves things related to Bandos, so it would make sense to pick a race from his followers, but not many of them seem like the type to write a book. The Dorgeshuun, who happened to server under Bandos during the Third Age, were just the type that could have possibly written a book like this, so that was what my protagonist would be. Since the Dorgeshuun were generally more savvy and level-headed than the other followers of the Big High War God, I gave narrator a timid but snarky personality. This contrasted nicely with the other character I had in mind, the ourg general Snaarldor, who is blunt and brutish.

Now comes the whole point of this story: the connection between Bandos metal and tourmaline. I decided that the followers of Bandos were to be the original creators of the gargoyles, and so the Black Tournaline Core actually originated from Bandos, not the Grotesque Guardians.

Snaarldor brought Dusk and Dawn to life and the lived happily ever after. Yeah right. No there needs to be conflict, and since Viggora was a follower of Zamorak when the tower was made, I had the perfect excuse for them to throw down.

Afterthoughts[edit source]

After a while, I decided to read up on some more lore on Bandos, and I realize I might have went against the lore a bit. The very first commandment of Bandos was "Not to run from battle. Cowards must die!" Welp, I happened to have made Snaarldor retreat and go against his teaching. And I had him die in my original draft, too...

Not to worry, we can assume that Snaarldor was executed by Bandos for his cowardice, or maybe he ran away and hid just like our fellow Dorgeshuun author...

Nah, the fella's massive, no way they couldn't find him.

-- Recent uploads SpineTalkContribs 02:31, 19 July 2020 (UTC)