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This talk page is for discussing the Theatre of Blood/Strategies page.

Improvements to ToB Strat[edit source]

Hey, I've been thinking a lot about making some updates to the tob strategy page. Before doing anything major I thought I would post a list of improvements in case some of them are against wiki editing policy or whatever. My frame of reference for all edit I do is pre-existing content on the wiki, but in the case of this large ToB article I thought I'd plan things out here for anyone to comment on or do themselves. If anyone has any other points to include, as I am sure I have missed many, please reply to this or DM me on the discord and I will edit this appropriately.

One concern that I've thought of is that these changes may seem too detailed to someone who doesn't do ToB very often. Although some of them are minor and increase DPS marginally, they are still worth including nonetheless

My frames of refence for this are and for obivous reasons.

General points: - The strategies in the article should be expanded for trios and 5man, maybe some small tables to show changes between the group sizes, but the focus should remain on quads as they are the most common group size and probably the most relevant to learners who are reading the article - The graphics for the entire article fit more onto their respective boss pages rather than a strategy guide. The space which they take up could be used more effectively, e.g. tile markers which are relevant for 5/6 bosses. - There's a bit too much flavour text in the article which could be written more efficiently. For example, at the Xarpus section: "Xarpus is the last of the Yarasa, a race feared by the vampyres, and is the fifth boss in the Theatre of Blood. Xarpus is significantly weakened at the start of the fight. During the first half, exhumed skeletons will emerge from the ground and launch projectiles to heal it - simply stand on top of them to stop them from healing Xarpus" could be condensed to "During the start of the fight with Xarpus, stand on the exhumed to prevent Xarpus from healing" This is the change I'm the least sure about, because I'm reluctant to delete/heavily edit someone's work and I'm not sure if this kind of flavour text is intentional, although it is absent from the CoX and Inferno strategy pages - Add some kind of subsection for roles before Maiden, assuming default quads roles of S124 mage, N123 melee, dps melee and dps range - Those mini-tables that show defence level and max hit on the Inferno strategy page would work nicely for the bosses, although they do have multiple max hits it would give leaners especially a good idea of what a safe HP is for each of the bosses.

Maiden: - Freezing roles: need to add information regarding standard roles N123 and S124 tank, since these are widely accepted and effective. To that effect a graphic for crab spawns is needed - Need to check maiden damage calcs: mainly the damage reduction from Prot Mage, the base max hit and the increase per crab. My current values are 60%, 30 and +3. - Better spec info for DWH/BGS and for when to chally spec at low HP maiden

Bloat: - Information about tick eating the stomp i.e. when the screen shakes is very useful, should prob be on the article it's saved me many times - Efficient dps strategies for downed bloat - Information about the chest after bloat (drop salve buy stam) - Information about bloat's 3 different possible speeds, the information on the article right now is wrong - Mention to stay direclty next to the chamber at all times - Max hit information about flies, rocks as well - Information about the time between downs, I'm not sure if the article is correct about it being the same number of falling rocks between each down but I could be wrong

Nylo: - Divide this into 4 subsections: 3 for each of the roles and 1 for Vastillas - Table showing differences in HP between nylo crabs in different group sizes, - Max hits and max hits through prayer - Barrage and chin tiles might be useful - Mention ticks between crabs spawning and exploding - Mention and include a link to the fact that the order of the crabs is the same every time - Mention XP drops for tick conservation - Mention DPS prayers - Blood blitz to heal up at the end of the room

- Clarify that there is a small break between all the crabs dying and Vastillas spawning - Efficient dps strategies for nylo king - BGS strats for nylo king - Not so sure about using a safespot for king, seems like it loses more dps than it's worth and plus any experience in switching prayers is progress. Could be a keeper though idk

Sote: - Tiles for standing - DWH roles and calling specs - Mention timing to flick between prayer orbs when on correct tiles - Tick eating strategy is good to know - Is max hit accurate? I thought he could only melee up to a 45, need confirmation - Waiting at 1st and 3rd tile during maze, waiting at 1st is not clarified - Damage info for incorrect tiles at maze - DD info for deathball - Xarp chest info is really important

Xarp: - Some mention of scythewalking but no more than a sentance due to its advanced nature - More clarification on how exhumned affect Xarpus's damage - Efficient movement during P2 for ranging - Tiles - Scythe dps info for P3 - Xarp max hit info for P3 and Redemption useage - Mention walking under Xarpus is not good for the health

Zik P1: - MENTION. DROPPING. POTS. - Spec ordering is important to know - Efficient dps for whip, scythe and staff at the start and for every cyle afterwards - The max hit information is currently wrong, it is ~80 with Prot Mage and ~120 I think without. Or maybe I'm wrong... - Pillar scaling information might be worth a mention - Mention pillar stun and max hit - Mention healing with blood blitz or sanguilini staff - 11 22 - Tiles for safe pillars

P2: - Information about the 4tick cycle and other infographics: this is a big one and really important because P2 is the place where learners go to die - Max hit info on the range attack - Positioning for 3, 4, 5 man - Crab max hits, i've heard that it scales with group size? not sure - Crab aoe radius and explosion triggers which is 8x8 to my knowledge. mentioned in the article already could do with some more detail - Effective purple removal strategy, it is not bp with a serp it is melee with a serp get it right please - Efficient dps for reds upon spawning of 3whip and 2scy - Mention that it is 7 attacks from verzik between red cycles - Mention bp because it's a useful backup strat - Remove the part about using special attacks in p2, not a very good idea except for singular chally specs to push to p3 or at the end of a red cycle

P3: - Max hit information about range and mage, I think it's wrong pretty sure i've been hit higher than a 16 through prayer with a mage attack - Mention switching prayer based on differing animations. Also, include different attack animations - Basic tanking strats of 1 walk under should be clarified, explanation of scanning 1 tick before attacking and therefore walking under 2 ticks before - Mention 4 or 5 for webs attacks between specials - Clarify 'sticky webs' and 'yellow proctile' to webs and yellows because i hate adjectives - Mention freezing nylos - Clarify that 1 person per yellow max or both take damage - I forgot to mention this for p2 but also mention the number of nylos that spawn is from 0 to the number of people alive - Mention that web running exists, or maybe not it's kinda advanced actually most learners should use the cb - Death ball max hit - Clarify 5 tick attack speed during 20s - Remove 'extremely' from 'extremely difficult' when talking about yellow purples because it's hard but not that hard - Mention taking yellows is better than tanking purples

That's about all of it that I can think of off the top of my head. Sorry for the degradation in writing quality as it went along but this took a while and it's getting late. I wrote this in a notepad file so there are a bunch of spelling errors and formatting issues. Oh and sorry for the 'questionable prose'. --JRazE (talk) 02:21, 30 August 2020 (UTC)

Learner chaos runes[edit source]

Why does the learner section say to bring a few thousand chaos runes? Surely that's excessive especially for a learner? Ozank (talk) 17:46, 12 September 2021 (UTC)

Never mind, someone has (rightfully in my opinion) removed it. Ozank (talk) 11:49, 14 September 2021 (UTC)