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Stats for Spider Phase, from Woox's stream

Wrong cmb stats for verzik[edit source]

P2 Verzik can hit higher than a 41 through a melee, range, mage, and blue ball attack. A more accurate max hit would be 50, however technically it's ~80 from standing under her, not sure what to change it to P3 Verzik can max around an 80 with yellows, and 74 with a green ball P1 Verzik doesn't shoot a projectile every 4 ticks, but she does an animation roughly every 4 ticks. Seems disingenuous to put her attack speed as 4 ticks though The reason I'm not updating the page with these values is because I'm unfamiliar with what an 'attack' is considered to be on a technical level and so I don't know if one of Verzik's specials would be classified as her max hit, or something. --JRazE (talk) 02:44, 1 September 2020 (UTC)