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This talk page is for discussing the Watchtower page.

mish-mash[edit source]

the clean-up requested as a mish-mash is due to built in requirements for empty inventory slots.

I propose the entire walkthrough be reworked to include suggested inventory, including required empty slots and moving the warnings to just before the point that they are required in addition to each headings list of inventory

i will probably do this as i finish the quest since i can then immediatly verify that the info is correct but this will take some time as i am definatly a perfectionist, making me check and recheck everything and likely slightly OCD distracting me further.... thus, if someone else wants to do this please speak up but be patient should you agree i should do as i do the quest

i will try to do a sandbox so the current version will not be changing helter skelter and the eventuall history will have a wow, thats better.... look to it.

Again, if someone else wants this task please speak up soon here so i won't waste hours on it only to be deleted later :-\

Qaz Wiz (talk) 18:27, June 5, 2015 (UTC)