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This talk page is for discussing the Weapon slot table page.

Missing weapons?[edit source]

The Barrelchest Anchor does not seem to exist in this table!! It is quite possible the best and most accessible crush weapon in the game, and is, I'd personally say, vital to this table. -- Mike-south (talk) 11:57, May 10, 2014 (UTC)

is there a reason there are not claws?  —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) on 18:41, August 8, 2015 (UTC).

There this no Saradomin Sword on here Nullnvoid1 (talk) 03:21, July 3, 2017 (UTC)

I've made a new paragraph stating that two-handed weapons, like the barrelchest anchor, claws, and the Saradomin sword, are found in another page: the Two-handed slot table. -- Recent uploads SpineTalkContribs 03:29, July 3, 2017 (UTC)
If I knew how to edit the table I would, but there is still 2 handed weapons on this table. The new table for 2-h is nice though. Good addition! Nullnvoid1 (talk)

More Missing weapons[edit source]

I am noticing an absence of the elder maul. AdamRalphy (talk) 15:13, 30 July 2019 (UTC)

Category:Two-handed slot items -- Recent uploads SpineTalkContribs 15:15, 30 July 2019 (UTC)

Missing Blade of Saeldor[edit source]

Missing the Blade of SaeldorMotorManTed (talk) 21:47, 17 January 2020 (UTC)

    (edit): This has been corrected. MotorManTed (talk) 01:07, 21 January 2020 (UTC)