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Verification needed for drop table of the wolf of White Wolf Mountain[edit source]

I have stumbled across some wolf on the White Wolf mountain who dont seem to be able to drop the "Wolf bone". I also googled this issue and some post from 2018 tells of a similar issue at the same location.

Only normal wolf lv-25 and big wolf lv-73 of the White wolf mountain are affected. The White wolf drop the bone as expected.

I think a drop rate verification is in order there. I have done my own test below.

Quest info : Rag and Bone Man II is started, some others bones have already been given to the npc, Some bones of other mob of the quest are in the bank.

Bank : No "Wolf Bone" in the bank, nor "vinegar wolf bone".

Invertory item : No "Wolf bone" in inventory, except if specified after the number of kill.

Ground item : test with "Wolf bone" on the ground have also been done below. It does not afect the drop rate.

Other info : Using RuneLite, player is an iron man, no other player around that could afect the ironman drop.

Location A : White wolf mountain, left of glider, just left of the dead tree. Mobs and number killed :

  • Wolf lv-25, 51+ kills, no drop
  • Big Wolf lv-73, 12+ kills, no drop

Location B : White wolf mountain, south of glider

  • White Wolf lv-38, 6 kills, the wolf bone dropped at kill number 6

Location C : White wolf mountain, north-west glider, lone white wolf near evergreen trees (just north of location A)

  • White wolf lv-38, 1 kills, drop at first kill

Location D : White wolf mountain, south of Grimgnash NPC

  • White wolf lv-38, 2 kills, drop at second kill

Other test : Can the "Wolf bone" drop again if already in inventory?

  • White Wolf lv-38, 40 kills (with wolf bone in inventory), no additionnal drop
  • White Wolf lv-38, 3+ kills (with one or more wolf bone on the ground), drop at kill number 2 and 3

Conclusion : I think only the white wolf can drop the Wolf bone on the White Wolf mountain. Also, if you already have a bone in your invenroty (or theoricaly your bank), you can drop a second one.

Aurora53wiki (talk) 15:36, 19 July 2020 (UTC)