Tall Reeds

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Tall Reeds are aquatic plants found in Kharazi Jungle, Kourend Woodland and by the River Salve. Using either a machete or knife on them allows the player to obtain a hollow reed, which is used to retrieve the pure water from the spring in Kharazi Jungle, which is used to make holy water. Since the tall reeds are found at the spring in Kharazi Jungle, there is no reason to obtain hollow reed elsewhere, and the other occurences of tall reeds appear to be serving as scenery rather than function.

Looking at the tall reeds yield the message: "These look like interesting plants, right next to the waters edge. They make the pool look really picturesque." Whilst searching them yields the message: "These tall reeds look nice and long with a long tube for a stem. They reach all the way down to the water."