Target (Ranging Guild)

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The target interface after hitting a Bulls-Eye.

Targets can be found in the eastern corner of the Ranging Guild, which play the central role in the guild's shooting range minigame. To shoot at the target, players must provide their own bow, but bronze arrows are provided by the judge. Players who lose any of the provided 10 arrows may buy more arrows for 100 coins, regardless of the amount of arrows they happen to be missing.

Shooting at these targets can only be done after paying the Competition Judge 200 coins to parttake in the minigame, after which you will receive 10 bronze arrows to shoot at the target. 1 Ranged experience is rewarded for every 2 points obtained. At the end of the game, one archery ticket is rewarded for every 10 points obtained in the game. It is also possible to miss the target, which will reward no points and grants no experience.

Ranged info[edit | edit source]