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The Tasakaal, seated in the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon.

The Tasakaal are a race of golem-like creatures that inhabit Mount Karuulm, a sulphurous volcano found within the Kebos Lowlands. They are TzHaar that have left Mor Ul Rek long ago for Mount Karuulm. They were originally supposed to wait for orders, but after watching the world fall into disarray, they could not stand by and watch, so they left Mor Ul Rek to perform their task.

They maintain the balance between life and death. Despite the role they perform in making sure who lives and dies, they are not followers of Guthix, calling him a "pretender". Rather, they serve another unnamed entity.

The Tasakaal play a small role in The Ascent of Arceuus quest. They are revealed to have given House Arceuus, as well as "another", the secrets of immortality, but soon regretted it when their gift was "misused". Despite hating the people of Arceuus for this, they still find them useful as they help maintain the balance of life and death by releasing souls who should have been sent to the afterlife long ago. According to Lord Trobin Arceuus, the Tasakaal only help the Arceuus if it bolsters their agenda and refer to everyone but themselves as "mortals".

The servants of the Tasakaal are the Kahlith, former humans who have abandoned their previous lives to serve them.

Currently, there are only three Tasakaal that players can find: Kaal-Mej-San, Kaal-Ket-Jor and Kaal-Xil-Dar.

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An early concept of the Tasakaal race.
  • The word "Tasakaal" means "balance" in Estonian.
  • The Tasakaal were originally proposed in 2014 to be an incredibly strong and ancient race who were born and bred guardians, and were slayers who aimed to maintain balance of life and death, embracing death as part of life. They would be accessed by players with high Strength and Agility levels within the city of Keruulm, and would assign incredibly challenging slayer tasks to players, receiving new slayer tasks and equipment as a result. Now Konar, a Kahlith, is given this role instead of the Tasakaal.
  • In the quest The Ascent of Arceuus the Tasakaal (collectively) say, "Perfectly balanced - as all things should be". This is a reference to the popular movie Avengers: Infinity War.