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This article is about the Woodcutting tree. For other uses, see Teak (disambiguation).

A teak is a tropical hardwood lumber tree that requires level 35 Woodcutting to cut, granting 85 Woodcutting experience for each set of teak logs received. Teak trees provide some of the highest Woodcutting xp/h, so it is common to find multiple players attempting to cut teak trees. Teak logs provided by teak trees have moderate value, and can be banked for making money.

Tree locations[edit | edit source]

Teak trees are considered rare trees for the purpose of the rare trees minimap icon (Rare trees icon.png). This icon is shared with several other trees, so a rare tree icon on the map does not directly mean it is a teak tree. For cutting and dropping teaks, or cutting and burning teaks, there are some spots that can be used including Ape Atoll, the Kharazi Jungle, North East of Prifddinas and the Hardwood Grove northeast of Tai Bwo Wannai Village. All of these locations have at least 3 teak trees close together. There is more space to burn logs in the Kharazi Jungle and Ape Atoll than Tai Bwo Wannai, but it is still possible to burn logs in the Tai Bwo Wannai location with some manoeuvring. Teak trees can be found in these locations:

  • North-east Prifddinas, next to the Sawmill operator. (3 trees, 3 mahogany trees are also nearby)
    • Note: In order to cut the trees, you must have completed Song of the Elves.
    • Additionally, these trees have a chance to give a crystal shard.
  • South-west of Castle Wars (one only)
    • If a player has access to Fairy Rings, while wielding a Dramen Staff/Lunar Staff, they can easily bank the logs using the Fairy Ring east of the Teak tree (code BKP) to go to Zanaris, bank the logs, and then teleport back using the ring.
    • Another method involves using a Ring of dueling to teleport to the Castle Wars lobby to bank once you have a full inventory, and then running back to the tree, however the fairy ring method seems to be faster.
  • Scattered around the Kharazi Jungle (dangerous area)
  • South-east Ape Atoll (poisonous spiders and snakes in the area are always aggressive unless wearing a greegree or the player has completed Monkey Madness II)
  • Mos Le'Harmless (2, each one on 2 small islands north of Mos Le'Harmless. Accessible via the 2 ladders north east inside the Mos Le'Harmless Cave. Make sure to wear a Witchwood icon and a cheap light source to drop when you're at the trees such as a Lit torch.)
  • South-east Uzer (one only, susceptible to heat damage from desert)
  • Near Tai Bwo Wannai in the Hardwood Grove (requires 100 Trading sticks)
    • The first location introduced to have teak trees and the one that has most of them is Hardwood Grove in Tai Bwo Wannai Village.
    • Note: In order to cut the trees inside, you must also do part of the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup minigame and collect trading sticks from Murcaily.
    • If using the teak trees near Tai Bwo Wannai after finishing the Jungle Potion quest, players can use Rionasta to send teak logs to their bank for 10 trading sticks each. Thus, a full inventory of 27 logs would cost 270 sticks plus the entrance fee.
  • North of Etceteria (may not be cut for logs or experience)

Additional Drops[edit | edit source]

  • Beaver – Teak trees have a chance to drop the beaver Woodcutting pet. At level 35 Woodcutting there is a 1 in 263,461 chance to receive the beaver and a 1 in 261,861 chance at level 99.
  • Bird Nest – There is 1 in 256 chance to drop from teaks. The bird nest will be dropped on the ground and will despawn after 30 second if not picked up. The Bird nest will be given in place of logs.
  • Clue nest – Teaks can drop all clue nests. At level 35 Woodcutting there is an approximately 1 in 1958 chance to receive an easy-elite clue nest and a 1 in 1328 chance at level 99. Beginner clue nests have a universal 1 in 1000 chance to be dropped.
  • Crystal shard – Teak trees cut in Prifddinas can drop crystal shards. There is a 1 in 80 chance to receive a crystal shard when a log is received. [1]

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Teak trees have a 1 in 8 chance of depleting when receiving a log, and a respawn time of 8 seconds. A roll to receive a log is done every 4 game ticks when chopping. Using Tick manipulation, teak trees can be cut in 3 tick, 2 tick, and 1.5 tick intervals. The chance to successfully chop is affected by the axe used and Woodcutting level, better axes and a higher woodcutting level increases the likelihood of successfully receiving a log. With a dragon axe, the chance of successfully getting a log scales linearly from 60/255 at level 1 Woodcutting to 190/255 at level 99.[2]

Farming[edit | edit source]

Main article: Teak seed

With level 35 farming, Teak seeds may be grown into a Teak tree, which gives teak logs when cut down. Checking on a fully grown and healthy Teak tree will give 7290 Farming experience. It takes 64 hours to grow. When cut down, the tree will automatically regrow after a period of time. A player may also pay 15 limpwurt roots to a nearby squirrel to guarantee its growth.

Lore[edit | edit source]

There are several mentions of teaks by NPCs around Gielinor as well as in books. The following text is transcluded from Gielinor's flora - trees. The information found within the book is more often than not just flavour text, and does not reflect their properties or uses within the game itself.

A tropical hardwood tree species that naturally occurs among other jungle trees. Coveted for its durability and water resistance, it is mainly used boat building, exterior construction, furniture and carving. Another prized feature of teak wood is its resistance to termite damage. A final interesting fact is that teak trees are more closely related to mint than to any other trees in Gielinor.

References[edit | edit source]

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