Teleport to House

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Teleport to House
Teleport to House.png
Released 31 May 2006 (Update)
Members Yes
Level Magic 40
Spellbook Standard
Type Teleport
Experience 30
Runes 1Air 1Earth 1Law
Casting speed 4 ticks
Quest No
Lectern Mahogany eagle
Description Teleports you to your house
Sound Effect
Teleport to House icon (mobile).png

Teleport to House, also known as 'House Teleport', teleports the caster inside their player-owned house, right next to the exit portal (or within the house), regardless of the 'location' of the house (Rimmington, Taverley, Brimhaven, etc.).

When adventuring, a player could bring runes or tablets for this spell to guard against dying from poison and fully heal themselves instead. Dying in a player-owned house will cause the player to respawn outside the house portal, NOT lose any items, and have all stats restored to default levels.

Cost[edit | edit source]

Spell cost
1Law rune.png1Air rune.png1Earth rune.png152
Combo runes
1Law rune.png1Dust rune.png148
1Law rune.png1Air rune.png1Mud rune.png313
1Law rune.png1Air rune.png1Lava rune.png153
1Law rune.png1Earth rune.png1Smoke rune.png272
1Law rune.png1Earth rune.png1Mist rune.png281
1Law rune.png1Earth rune.pngStaff of air.pngAlt147
1Law rune.png1Air rune.pngStaff of earth.pngAlt147
1Law rune.pngDust battlestaff.png142

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
2 March 2022

A new right-click option "Group" was added, allowing Group Ironman players to teleport to their teammates house.

2 August 2018

The Teleport to house spell and tablet now have right-click options to teleport either inside or outside of the house.