Telescope space

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Telescope space is a hotspot in the Study of a player-owned house that is only visible to the player when in building mode.

Telescopes built in this spot will help the player to find the landing spot and time window of Shooting Stars within 24, 9 and 2 minute accuracies based on the tier telescope built.

Creation Menu[edit | edit source]

Key[1] Construction Level Telescope Materials Experience Cost
1 44 Oak telescope.png Oak telescope Oak plank.pngOak plank x2
Molten glass.pngMolten glass
121 1,039
2 64 Teak telescope.png Teak telescope Teak plank.pngTeak plank x2
Molten glass.pngMolten glass
181 1,717
3 84 Mahogany telescope.png Mahogany telescope Mahogany plank.pngMahogany plank x2
Molten glass.pngMolten glass
580 4,113
  1. Press this key on your keyboard while in the Creation Menu to build this item.