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Spells requiring blood runes

Icon Mobile
Spell Level Runes XP Type Spellbook
Enchant Crossbow Bolt.png Enchant Crossbow Bolt icon (mobile).png Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Ruby) 49 5Fire 1Blood 1Cosmic 10Ruby bolts 5.png 59 Utility Standard
Blood Rush.png Blood Rush icon (mobile).png Blood Rush 56 1Blood 2Chaos 2Death 33 Combat Ancient
Saradomin Strike.png Saradomin Strike icon (mobile).png Saradomin Strike 60 4Air 2Fire 2Blood +Saradomin staff.png 35 Combat Standard
Flames of Zamorak.png Flames of Zamorak icon (mobile).png Flames of Zamorak 60 1Air 4Fire 2Blood +Zamorak staff.png 35 Combat Standard
Claws of Guthix.png Claws of Guthix icon (mobile).png Claws of Guthix 60 4Air 1Fire 2Blood +Guthix staff.png 35 Combat Standard
Wind Wave.png Wind Wave icon (mobile).png Wind Wave 62 5Air 1Blood 36 Combat Standard
Water Wave.png Water Wave icon (mobile).png Water Wave 65 5Air 7Water 1Blood 37.5 Combat Standard
Kharyrll Teleport.png Kharyrll Teleport icon (mobile).png Kharyrll Teleport 66 1Blood 2Law 76 Teleport Ancient
Blood Burst.png Blood Burst icon (mobile).png Blood Burst 68 2Blood 4Chaos 2Death 39 Combat Ancient
Earth Wave.png Earth Wave icon (mobile).png Earth Wave 70 5Air 7Earth 1Blood 40 Combat Standard
Cemetery Teleport.png Cemetery Teleport icon (mobile).png Cemetery Teleport 71 1Blood 1Law 1Soul 82 Teleport Arceuus
Expert Reanimation.png Expert Reanimation icon (mobile).png Expert Reanimation 72 1Blood 3Nature 2Soul 138 Utility Arceuus
Smoke Blitz.png Smoke Blitz icon (mobile).png Smoke Blitz 74 2Air 2Fire 2Blood 2Death 42 Combat Ancient
Fire Wave.png Fire Wave icon (mobile).png Fire Wave 75 5Air 7Fire 1Blood 42.5 Combat Standard
Shadow Blitz.png Shadow Blitz icon (mobile).png Shadow Blitz 76 2Air 2Blood 2Death 2Soul 43 Combat Ancient
Resurrect Greater Ghost.png Resurrect Greater Ghost icon (mobile).png Resurrect Greater Ghost 76 10Fire 5Blood 1Cosmic 88 Combat Arceuus
Resurrect Greater Skeleton.png Resurrect Greater Skeleton icon (mobile).png Resurrect Greater Skeleton 76 10Fire 5Blood 1Cosmic 88 Combat Arceuus
Resurrect Greater Zombie.png Resurrect Greater Zombie icon (mobile).png Resurrect Greater Zombie 76 10Fire 5Blood 1Cosmic 88 Combat Arceuus
Resurrect Crops.png Resurrect Crops icon (mobile).png Resurrect Crops 78 25Earth 8Blood 12Nature 8Soul 90 Utility Arceuus
Undead Grasp.png Undead Grasp icon (mobile).png Undead Grasp 79 12Fire 1Blood 46.5 Combat Arceuus
Charge.png Charge icon (mobile).png Charge 80 3Air 3Fire 3Blood 180 Combat Standard
Death Charge.png Death Charge icon (mobile).png Death Charge 80 1Blood 1Death 1Soul 90 Utility Arceuus
Blood Blitz.png Blood Blitz icon (mobile).png Blood Blitz 80 4Blood 2Death 45 Combat Ancient
Ice Blitz.png Ice Blitz icon (mobile).png Ice Blitz 82 3Water 2Blood 2Death 46 Combat Ancient
Barrows Teleport.png Barrows Teleport icon (mobile).png Barrows Teleport 83 1Blood 2Law 2Soul 90 Teleport Arceuus
Greater Corruption.png Greater Corruption icon (mobile).png Greater Corruption 85 1Blood 3Soul 95 Combat Arceuus
Smoke Barrage.png Smoke Barrage icon (mobile).png Smoke Barrage 86 5Air 4Fire 2Blood 4Death 48 Combat Ancient
Shadow Barrage.png Shadow Barrage icon (mobile).png Shadow Barrage 88 4Air 2Blood 4Death 3Soul 48 Combat Ancient
Annakarl Teleport.png Annakarl Teleport icon (mobile).png Annakarl Teleport 90 2Blood 2Law 100 Teleport Ancient
Master Reanimation.png Master Reanimation icon (mobile).png Master Reanimation 90 2Blood 4Nature 4Soul 170 Utility Arceuus
Ape Atoll Teleport (Arceuus).png Ape Atoll Teleport (Arceuus) icon (mobile).png Ape Atoll Teleport 90 2Blood 2Law 2Soul 100 Teleport Arceuus
Blood Barrage.png Blood Barrage icon (mobile).png Blood Barrage 92 4Blood 4Death 1Soul 51 Combat Ancient
Heal Other.png Heal Other icon (mobile).png Heal Other 92 3Astral 1Blood 3Law 101 Combat Lunar
Sinister Offering.png Sinister Offering icon (mobile).png Sinister Offering 92 1Blood 1Wrath 180 Utility Arceuss
Lvl-7 Enchant.png Lvl-7 Enchant icon (mobile).png Lvl-7 Enchant 93 20Blood 1Cosmic 20Soul 110 Utility Standard
Ice Barrage.png Ice Barrage icon (mobile).png Ice Barrage 94 6Water 2Blood 4Death 52 Combat Ancient
Heal Group.png Heal Group icon (mobile).png Heal Group 95 4Astral 3Blood 6Law 124 Combat Lunar
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