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Spells requiring chaos runes[edit source]

Icon Mobile
Spell Level Runes XP Type Spellbook
Wind Bolt.png Wind Bolt icon (mobile).png Wind Bolt 17 2Air 1Chaos 13.5 Combat Standard
Water Bolt.png Water Bolt icon (mobile).png Water Bolt 23 2Air 2Water 1Chaos 16.5 Combat Standard
Earth Bolt.png Earth Bolt icon (mobile).png Earth Bolt 29 2Air 3Earth 1Chaos 19.5 Combat Standard
Fire Bolt.png Fire Bolt icon (mobile).png Fire Bolt 35 3Air 4Fire 1Chaos 22.5 Combat Standard
Ghostly Grasp.png Ghostly Grasp icon (mobile).png Ghostly Grasp 35 4Air 1Chaos 22.5 Combat Arceuus
Crumble Undead.png Crumble Undead icon (mobile).png Crumble Undead 39 2Air 2Earth 1Chaos 24.5 Combat Standard
Inferior Demonbane.png Inferior Demonbane icon (mobile).png Inferior Demonbane 44 4Fire 1Chaos 27 Combat Arceuus
Smoke Rush.png Smoke Rush icon (mobile).png Smoke Rush 50 1Air 1Fire 2Chaos 2Death 30 Combat Ancient
Shadow Rush.png Shadow Rush icon (mobile).png Shadow Rush 52 1Air 2Chaos 2Death 1Soul 31 Combat Ancient
Blood Rush.png Blood Rush icon (mobile).png Blood Rush 56 1Blood 2Chaos 2Death 33 Combat Ancient
Ice Rush.png Ice Rush icon (mobile).png Ice Rush 58 2Water 2Chaos 2Death 34 Combat Ancient
Smoke Burst.png Smoke Burst icon (mobile).png Smoke Burst 62 2Air 2Fire 4Chaos 2Death 36 Combat Ancient
Shadow Burst.png Shadow Burst icon (mobile).png Shadow Burst 64 1Air 4Chaos 2Death 2Soul 37 Combat Ancient
Blood Burst.png Blood Burst icon (mobile).png Blood Burst 68 2Blood 4Chaos 2Death 39 Combat Ancient
Ice Burst.png Ice Burst icon (mobile).png Ice Burst 70 4Water 4Chaos 2Death 40 Combat Ancient
Tele Block.png Tele Block icon (mobile).png Tele Block 85 1Chaos 1Death 1Law 80 Combat Standard
Teleport to Target.png Teleport to Target icon (mobile).png Teleport to Target 85 1Chaos 1Death 1Law 45 Teleport All except Arceuus