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This is a documentation subpage for Template:Chat option.
It contains usage information, categories, and other content that is not part of the original template page.
Template:Chat option invokes function main in Module:Chat options using Lua.
Template:Chat option invokes Module:Chat options using Lua.

This template provides basic formatting to display a set chat options when either in dialogue with an NPC or interacting with an object.


This template is primarily used on quick guide pages.

(Chat 32?~)

{{Chat option
|3 What seems to be the matter?
|2 Where can I find him?
|? What's in it for me?

Where n signifies the option a user should pick for the dialogue option followed by the text verbatim of the in-game dialogue option. If the position of the chat option varies, use ? instead of a number. If any dialogue the user must select is unimportant, you may use "Any" in place of the number, shown above. When the "Accept Quest" screen appears, you should use "Accept", shown above.

The example below is a compact version, serving the same purpose as above - line breaks are not required. You may also use the singular {{Chat option}}, as it is a redirect.

(Chat 1)

{{Chat option|1 Yes|Accept}}


An excerpt from The Lost Tribe quick guide,

  • Talk to Generals Bentnoze and Wartface in Goblin Village. (Chat 132331)
  • Return to the Duke. (Chat 4)
* Talk to Generals [[General Bentnoze|Bentnoze]] and [[General Wartface|Wartface]] in [[Goblin Village]]. {{Chat option
|1 Have you ever heard of the Dorgeshuun?
|3 It doesn't really matter
|2 Well either way they refused to fight
|3 Well I found a brooch underground...
|3 Well why not show me both greetings?
|1 Thanks.
* Return to the Duke. {{Chat option|4 I spoke to the generals in the goblin village...}}