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As well as unique Treasure Trails rewards, players may also receive a variety of items. A more detailed overview of all possible rewards can be found at reward casket (beginner).

Beginner rewards

Image Name
Bear feet.png Bear feet
Mole slippers.png Mole slippers
Frog slippers.png Frog slippers
Demon feet.png Demon feet
Sandwich lady hat.png Sandwich lady top.png Sandwich lady bottom.png Sandwich lady outfit
Rune scimitar ornament kit (zamorak).png Rune scimitar ornament kit (saradomin).png Rune scimitar ornament kit (guthix).png Ornament kits (Zamorak, Saradomin, and Guthix)
Monk's robe top (t).png Monk's robe (t).png Trimmed monk's robes
Amulet of defence (t).png Amulet of defence (t)
Jester cape.png Jester cape
Shoulder parrot.png Shoulder parrot
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