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This is a documentation subpage for Template:CostLine.
It contains usage information, categories, and other content that is not part of the original template page.

The CostTable templates are used to display the cost of one or multiple items, and can calculate a total to display at the bottom.


|caption   = <!-- (Optional) Adds a caption to the table -->
|quantity  = <!-- (Optional) Display the quantity column -->
|class     = <!-- (Optional) Additional classes for the table -->
|style     = <!-- (Optional) Allows for style overrides in the table head -->
|1         = <!-- Name of the item -->
|txt       = <!-- (Optional) Text override -->
|pic       = <!-- (Optional) Image override -->
|gif       = <!-- (Optional) Change image to gif -->
|quantity  = <!-- (Optional) Change item quantity -->
|namenotes = <!-- (Optional) Text after item name -->
|cost      = <!-- (Optional) Cost override -->
|costmax   = <!-- (Optional) Allows for a cost range with multiple items -->
|costref   = <!-- (Optional) Places text after cost, meant for references -->
|total     = <!-- (Optional) Display total cost of items in the table. -->
|compare   = <!-- (Optional) Name of an item to compare to the total sum. Intended for item sets -->
|pic       = <!-- (Optional) Image override -->
|quantity  = <!-- (Optional) Change item quantity -->
|gemwname  = <!-- (Optional) Override for GE name -->


caption: (Optional) Adds a caption to the table
quantity: (Optional) Use the parameter quantity=yes to display the quantity column.
class: (Optional) Add more classes on top of the wikitable align-left-2. (AKA sortable, mw-collapsible, etc.)
style: (Optional) Add additional style styling to the table. See first example.


1: This parameter takes the name of the item
txt: (Optional) Alternate text in the link; defaults to the first parameter
pic: (Optional) If included, this changes the filename used; defaults to the first parameter; do not include "File:" or ".png"
gif: (Optional) Use the parameter gif=yes if the image is a GIF file. If parameter is not given, defaults to no.
quantity: (Optional) Changes the quantity of the item, defaults to {{{2}}}.
2: (Optional) Overrides quantity for the lazy people that don't want to write quantity= every time. Defaults to 1.
namenotes: (Optional) Adds some additional text after the link to the item
cost: (Optional) Override for the item cost for untradeables, cost ranges, etc. Set cost=no to replace the cell with the {{NA}} template (this treats the cost as 0 as well).
costmax: (Optional) If making a range, this is the upper bound. The cost parameter is the lower bound. See below for an example.
costref: (Optional) Adds text immediately after cost (or costmax if it exists). Intended for adding references.


total: (Optional) Use the parameter total=y to display the total cost of the items in the table.
compare: (Optional) Adds an additional item to compare the total cost to. Intended for comparing set items with their individual pieces. See below for an example.
gemwname: (Optional) Provides an override to the displayed link text and the string that is passed to the {{GEP}} template. Mostly for pages where the page name differs from the item's actual name.
quantity: (Optional) Changes the quantity of the item, defaults to 1. Useful when a recipe produces more than 1 of something at a time.
pic: (Optional) Just like the above pic parameter, use this to override the displayed image.


{{CostLine|Bagged nice tree
{{CostLine|Pink dye|quantity=1000|cost=20}}
{{CostLine|Bucket of sand|quantity=6}}
{{CostLine|Watering can(8)
|cost={{GEP|Watering can}}
{{CostLine|Saradomin d'hide body
|pic=Blessed body
Item Quantity GE Price
Bagged nice tree.png Happiness 1 N/A
Pink dye.png Pink dye 1,000 20,000
Bucket of sand.png Bucket of sand 6 216
Watering can(8).png Watering can(8) 1 221
Blessed body.gif woooooooo 1 336,633
Total 357,070
{{CostLine|Ankou mask}}
{{CostLine|Ankou top}}
{{CostLine|Ankou's leggings}}
{{CostLine|Ankou gloves}}
{{CostLine|Ankou socks}}
Item GE Price
Ankou mask.png Ankou mask 11,381,455
Ankou top.png Ankou top 26,223,283
Ankou's leggings.png Ankou's leggings 11,942,560
Ankou gloves.png Ankou gloves 5,909,193
Ankou socks.png Ankou socks 2,551,925
Total 58,008,416
{{CostTableHead|quantity=yes|caption=Torn curtains}}
{{CostLine|Bolt of cloth|quantity=3}}
|cost=   {{NailsCost|min}}
|costref=<ref>Cost changes depending on the type of nails used.</ref>
Torn curtains
Item Quantity GE Price
Plank.png Plank 3 462
Bolt of cloth.png Bolt of cloth 3 2,457
Nails.gif Nails (any) 3 9 - 2,622[1]
Total 2,928 - 5,541
  1. Cost changes depending on the type of nails used.
{{CostTableHead|quantity=YES|caption=Oak chair}}
{{CostLine|Oak plank|quantity=2}}
Oak chair
Item Quantity GE Price
Oak plank.png Oak plank 2 868
{{CostLine|Justiciar faceguard}}
{{CostLine|Justiciar chestguard}}
{{CostLine|Justiciar legguards}}
{{CostTableBottom|total=y|compare=Justiciar armour set}}
Item GE Price
Justiciar faceguard.png Justiciar faceguard 13,359,721
Justiciar chestguard.png Justiciar chestguard 9,127,538
Justiciar legguards.png Justiciar legguards 9,345,716
Total 31,832,975
Justiciar armour set.png Justiciar armour set 31,947,671
Difference 114,696
{{CostLine|Mahogany plank|3}}
{{CostLine|Bolt of cloth|2}}
{{CostTableBottom|total=y|compare=Four-poster bed (flatpack)}}
Item Quantity GE Price
Mahogany plank.png Mahogany plank 3 6,162
Bolt of cloth.png Bolt of cloth 2 1,638
Total 7,800
Four-poster bed (flatpack).png Four-poster bed (flatpack) 1 4,081
Difference -3,719