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Coins 1.png 0

Template documentation
This documentation is transcluded from Template:Currency/doc. [edit] [purge]
Template:Currency invokes function amount in Module:Currencies using Lua.
Template:Currency invokes Module:Currencies using Lua.

The Currency template shows the amount of a given currency with a preview image. The number is comma-formatted (if the value is greater than 1,000), and with the following colors:

  • Red - negative numbers
  • Blue - positive numbers
  • Green - if the number is zero


|<currency name>


The following are some examples:


Produces the following result: Numulite 25.png -3,000


Produces the following result: Coins 1.png 0

{{Currency|Trading sticks|{{ItemValue|Onyx}}}}

Produces the following result: Trading sticks 10000.png 200,000

List of supported currency types

To add support for more currencies, see the Currency Image module.

Currency Displays as
Coins Coins 10000.png 10,000
Blood money Blood money 10000.png 10,000
Numulite Numulite 25.png 25
Tokkul Tokkul 25.png 25
Platinum tokens Platinum token 5.png 5
Survival tokens Survival token 5.png 5
Warrior guild tokens Warrior guild token 5.png 5
Trading sticks Trading sticks 10000.png 10,000
Mermaid's tear Mermaid's tear 5.png 5
Molch pearl Molch pearl 5.png 5
Hallowed mark Hallowed mark 5.png 5
Ecto-tokens Ecto-token 3.png 3
Pieces of eight Pieces of eight 3.png 3
Mark of grace Mark of grace.png 1,000
Archery ticket Archery ticket.png 1,000
Castle wars ticket Castle wars ticket.png 1,000
Unidentified minerals Unidentified minerals.png 1,000
Golden nugget Golden nugget.png 1,000
Archaic emblem Archaic emblem (tier 1).png 1,000
Agility arena ticket Agility arena ticket.png 1,000
Twisted league points Twisted League icon.png 1,000

See also

Template:GEP Grabs the current GE price of an item.
Template:ItemValue Grabs the base value of an item.
Template:Coins Identical to Template:Currency, but only supports coins.