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Spells requiring both air and earth runes[edit source]

Icon Mobile
Spell Level Runes XP Type Spellbook
Earth Strike.png Earth Strike icon (mobile).png Earth Strike 9 1Air 2Earth 1Mind 9.5 Combat Standard
Earth Bolt.png Earth Bolt icon (mobile).png Earth Bolt 29 2Air 3Earth 1Chaos 19.5 Combat Standard
Lumbridge Teleport.png Lumbridge Teleport icon (mobile).png Lumbridge Teleport 31 3Air 1Earth 1Law 41 Teleport Standard
Crumble Undead.png Crumble Undead icon (mobile).png Crumble Undead 39 2Air 2Earth 1Chaos 24.5 Combat Standard
Teleport to House.png Teleport to House icon (mobile).png Teleport to House 40 1Air 1Earth 1Law 30 Teleport Standard
Earth Blast.png Earth Blast icon (mobile).png Earth Blast 53 3Air 4Earth 1Death 31.5 Combat Standard
Earth Wave.png Earth Wave icon (mobile).png Earth Wave 70 5Air 7Earth 1Blood 40 Combat Standard
Earth Surge.png Earth Surge icon (mobile).png Earth Surge 90 7Air 10Earth 1Wrath 48.5 Combat Standard