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Unknown (edit)
Level required Unknown (edit)
Patch Unknown (edit)
Seeds per Unknown (edit)
Payment Unknown (edit)
Growth time Unknown (edit)
Seed Unknown (edit)
Plant Unknown (edit)
Planting XP Unknown (edit)
Checking XP Unknown (edit)
Harvesting XP Unknown (edit)
Template documentation
This documentation is transcluded from Template:Farming info/doc. [edit] [purge]

Quick copy

{{Farming info
|name = 
|level = 
|patch = 
|seedsper = 
|payment = 
|time = 
|yield = (Optional)
|regrow = (Optional)
|seed = 
|sapling = (Optional)
|seedling = (Optional)
|plant = 
|crop = (Optional)
|plantxp = 
|checkxp = 
|harvestxp = 

Note: Unlike other skill info templates, this template does not support switch infobox syntax. For simple farming info that does not fit this template format, please use the generic Template:Skill info.