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Template documentation
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This template can be invoked to transclude the information about a farming crop from its crop page, onto its other relevant pages (e.g. seed, seedling, sapling, etc.). It works the same way Template:Quest details page works: it takes a single argument of the target page to fetch information from, and then the template will insert the same {{Farming info}} transclusion from the target page, onto the current page.

{{Farming page|<Farming crop>}}


{{Farming page|Redberry bush}}

Redberry Bush
Level required Farming 10
Patch Bush
Seeds per 1
Payment 4 Cabbages(10).pngsacks of cabbages
Growth time 100 min (5x20 min)
Yield 4+ (varies)
Regrow Yes
Seed Redberry seed 5.pngRedberry seed
Plant Redberry bush
Crop Redberries.pngRedberries
Planting XP 11.5 xp
Checking XP 64 xp
Harvesting XP 4.5 xp