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Template documentation
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Template:Firemaking info invokes function main in Module:Skill info using Lua.

This template displays skill information for Firemaking-related items or objects.


{{Firemaking info
|name = Name of the feature
|version = (Optional) The version this applies to
|level = Firemaking level needed
|xp = Firemaking xp given
|bowlevel = (Logs only) Firemaking level needed for Barbarian firemaking with a bow
|pyrelevel = (Logs only) Firemaking level needed for Barbarian funeral pyres
|craftxp = (Logs only) Crafting experience given for Barbarian funeral pyres
|xpnote = (Optional) a note for the xp given
|tool = (Optional) The required tool. Defaults to [[Tinderbox]].
|type = One of: logs, pyre, light or other

Note: Other than these parameters, this template also supports all parameters described in Template:Skill info. Setting one of the Skill info parameters will override the value set by the Firemaking info preset.

This template's parameters support Switch Infobox syntax, provided the version parameter is specified for the given number.


There are three different presets for firemaking:

  • logs: automatically creates a switch infobox for regular firemaking or firemaking with a bow with bowlevel, and if the pyrelevel parameter is specified, also includes a version for pyre ships. If bowlevel = no is set then no barbarian firemaking switch versions are included.
  • pyre: for pyre logs and shade remains used in Shades of Mort'ton. Sets up additional information about the facility used. See #Shades of Mort'ton for more information about this type.
  • light: for any Light sources, as well as Bug lanterns. Auto-fills 'N/A' as the experience reward.
  • other: for anything else, such as the Flamtaer Fire altar or Origami balloons.



{{Firemaking info
|name = Oak logs
|level = 15
|xp = 60
|bowlevel = 35
|pyrelevel = 25
|craftxp = 15
|type = logs
  1. Requires Barbarian Firemaking training.
  2. Requires Barbarian Firemaking training.

Shades of Mort'ton

Due to both the type of pyre logs and the type of shade remains being cremated affects the Prayer experience rewarded, more advanced parameters need to be specified. This can be done through the parameters described in Template:Skill info. Here, skill2 refers to Prayer. On the pyre logs page, the different versions should list different types of remains, and vice-versa for the remains pages. An example that would be used on Asyn remains is:

{{Firemaking info
|version1 = Yew
|version2 = Magic
|version3 = Redwood
|name = Asyn remains
|skill1lvl1 = 65
|skill1lvl2 = 80
|skill1lvl3 = 95
|skill1exp1 = 255
|skill1exp2 = 404.5
|skill1exp3 = 500
|skill2exp1 = 79.5
|skill2exp2 = 80
|skill2exp3 = 80.5
|item1 = {{plink|Yew pyre logs}}
|item2 = {{plink|Magic pyre logs}}
|item3 = {{plink|Redwood pyre logs}}
|type = pyre
|smw = No