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Template documentation
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Template:Image license has been indefinitely protected from editing.
This page is protected most likely because it is a popular image or template, or an image used in a MediaWiki page. To request a change to it, please discuss the issue on the talk page.

This template can be used to substitute in a specific license, and the pagename substitution for automatically filling in the subject for that particular license. It is intended to be used on MediaWiki:Licenses. The pagename substitutions are the same as the licenses available on RuneScape:Batch Upload.


{{subst:Image license|License type}}

This template is intended only for use as a substituted template. Do not use this in place of the specific license templates, as that would prevent editing the subject of the license.

For Template:Chathead license, the second parameter will be passed on as the type parameter to that license, and for Template:Quest license, the second parameter, if present, will be passed on as the sub parameter to that license.

Note: The first parameter specifying the license type is case sensitive and should be identical to the license template that should be transcluded.


{{subst:Image license|NPC}}
{{subst:Image license|Chathead|npc}}