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This is a documentation subpage for Template:Infobox Item.
It contains usage information, categories, and other content that is not part of the original template page.



The name of the item exactly as it appears in game (identical case and spacing).


The inventory image of the item, formatted as [[File:Image.png]]. Ideally in PNG format (or GIF format if the image is animated). For stackable items with multiple images, all images should be included in increasing order.


Release date of the monster. Should follow the format [[DD Month]] [[YYYY]].


Update page that the item was released with. Do not include brackets ([[ & ]]) or the Update: prefix.


(Optional) Removal date of the item. Should follow the format [[DD Month]] [[YYYY]].


(Optional) Update page that the item was removed with. Do not include brackets ([[ & ]]) or the Update: prefix.


(Optional) Other names commonly associated with the item.


Whether or not the monster is a members only monster. Must be the string "yes" or "no".


See Category:Quest items for guidelines. Also applicable for miniquests.

The possible values for this field are:

  • [[''Quest name'']]
  • No


Whether the item is tradeable between players, or in the Grand Exchange. For example, Barrows gloves are bought from a "shop" (Culinaromancer's Chest), but these gloves cannot be sold to other players as the Barrows gloves are not tradeable.

If cases when the item is only tradeable in certain situations, further details may be added to the values above, using the " - " as a separator. For example, the Barrows equipment can only be traded when it is completely degraded.


  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes - only when uncharged


(Optional) Whether the item can be put in the bank. Can omit if "yes", otherwise must be the string "yes" or "no".


(Optional) Whether the item will stack in one bank space. Can omit if "yes", otherwise must be the string "yes" or "no".


Whether the item is equipable. For instance, a Rune sword may be wielded (Yes), while a tinderbox may not be equipped (No). Must be the string "yes" or "no".


Whether the item stacks in the player's inventory, in its unnoted form. For example, runes and arrows are stackable, while pickaxes are not. Must be the string "yes" or "no".


(Optional) Whether the item is edible. This should not be added on every page, only pages describing items which are actually edible or easily mistaken as edible; i.e. shark (edible) or cooking apple (easily mistaken as edible). If omitted, the field will be hidden.


(Optional) Whether the item can be withdrawn from the bank as a note. Can omit if "yes", otherwise must be the string "yes" or "no".


(Optional) Whether this item can be removed with a placeholder in the bank. (Not currently used)


Text displayed as a final warning when a player tries to destroy the item. Destroy is an option for some items from quests or Discontinued items and holiday drops. If there is no "Destroy" option, the value for the field is "Drop", as most items have the "Drop" option. Certain items may behave differently when it is dropped, and this behaviour should be included in the field with " - " as a separator. For example, an Explosive potion explodes when dropped.


  • The Oneiromancer might be able to help you get another. - Lunar staff
  • Drop
  • Drop - Explodes


Price at which the item is sold by a shop (or a NPC). Note that this is the price to purchase the item from a store, not the selling price. If the item cannot be bought from an NPC, set this field to "No". Must be a number or the string "No".


(Optional) If the store uses a currency other than coins, this field should be added specifying the currency used to purchase the item. Should be a link going to the currency article. May be omitted to default the currency to coins.



(Optional) The store (or a NPC) where the item is sold. Only the name need to be entered, as the link to the article will be added automatically.


  • Daga's Scimitar Smithy
  • Culinaromancer's Chest


The value of the item as it appears in the items kept on death screen. Commas are not necessary as they are included automatically. The high and low alch values are computed from this value. Must be a number.


(Optional) Whether or not the item can be alchemized. Can be omitted to default to "yes". Must be the string "yes" or "no".


(Optional) Should be set to "gemw" if the item can be traded on the Grand Exchange. May be omitted to default to "no". Must be the string "gemw" or "no".


(Optional) Should be included if the wiki exchange article for the item has a different name than the exact in-game name set in the name parameter. This occurs when there are multiple items with the same name on the grand exchange. Should be set to the name of the wiki exchange article for the item, or omitted if this is identical to the in game name.


The item's weight. The weight appears in the Equipment Stats submenu from Worn Equipment interface. The weight unit ("kilogram", "kg") need NOT be added to this field, as it is added automatically. For special weight-reducing items which has "negative" weight, the negative "-" should be included in the field.


  • 2
  • -4.5


The examine text exactly as it appears in game (identical case, spaces, typo, etc). The text is obtained through the contextual menu "Examine" option.


The item's internal game ID. Must be a number.

Switch values

This infobox supports switching between multiple versions. Each version needs to have a name defined in a parameter called version#, numbered sequentially starting from 1. For all parameters that have different values, a number can be appended to the end of each parameter name to define the value for each version. Parameters without a version number will be shared between all versions.

For example, if the name of version 2 is called "Bob", you should define |name2 = Bob.


You can link to a page and have an alternative infobox appear by using a hash value, as if you were linking to a section. The hash value is the version name, as defined by the relevant version# parameter. For example, to link to the variant of a switch infobox with |version3 = Quest, you can use [[Example#Quest]].

Alternative versions are not visible or accessible when Javascript is disabled.

Quick copy

{{Infobox Item
|name = 
|image = 
|release = 
|update = 
|removal = (Optional)
|removalupdate = (Optional)
|aka = (Optional)
|members = 
|quest = 
|tradeable = 
|bankable = (Optional)
|stacksinbank = (Optional)
|equipable = 
|stackable = 
|edible = (Optional)
|noteable = (Optional)
|placeholder = (Optional)
|destroy = 
|store = 
|currency = (Optional)
|seller = (Optional)
|value =
|alchable = (Optional)
|exchange = (Optional)
|gemwname = (Optional)
|weight = 
|examine = 
|id =