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Template documentation
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This template is used for displaying an infobox about Jagex Moderators.


{{Infobox Jagex
|name = The person's J-Mod name.
|image = The file name of an image of the person. If one is unavailable, leave out this param.
|employed = When they started working at Jagex.
|left = When they left Jagex, if applicable. If not, it can be omitted.
|role = The person's current job title at Jagex.
|team = Which team the J-Mod is in. Possible ones include "Leadership", "The Wardens", "The Unknown", "The Operators", "The Juggernauts", "Graphics", "Game Engine Tech", "Publishing".
|twitter = Handle of their Twitter account, without the "@"
|reddit = Handle of their Twitter account, without the "/u/"

Empty template

{{Infobox Jagex
|name = 
|image = 
|employed = 
|left = 
|role = 
|team = 
|twitter = 
|reddit =