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Template documentation
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Infobox to be used on Quest articles.

Quick copy

{{Infobox Quest
|name = 
|number = 
|image = 
|release = 
|update = 
|aka = (Optional)
|members = 
|series = 
|difficulty = 
|developer = 



Parameter Description Required
name The name of the quest.
number The number of the quest in order of release date.
image An image of something identifiable during the quest.
release The release date of the quest.
update The update post associated with the release date.
aka Alternate names for the quest. (Optional)
members Whether the quest is members only.
series The quest series the quest is a part of. Use "None" if not part of a quest series.
difficulty The officially stated difficulty of the quest from the quest page at runescape.com.
developer The developers of the quest as listed under "Development Team" on the quest page at runescape.com.