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Template documentation
This documentation is transcluded from Template:Infobox User/doc. [edit] [purge]

The User infobox is a user template designed to give information about users on their userpage. The idea came from seeing many users using {{Infobox Monster}} and {{Infobox NPC}} on their userpages, when they weren't really suitable for the task.



Additional CSS to be applied to the infobox. Whatever is input is placed into style="csshere", so make sure it is formatted correctly. Defaults to nothing.


Your display name. Will default to your wiki username (as long as its placed on your userpage). If your display name is different to your wiki name, this must be defined for links to work correctly.


An image of yourself. Possible values:

  • chat or head will display the chat-head-shot from your adventurer's log
  • body or full will display the full-body-shot from your adventurer's log
  • both will display both the body shot and the head shot side by side
  • no will hide the field
  • anything else will be displayed as is

Remember - the RuneScape wiki is not your web host, so please host personal images of your character on imgur, and use the direct link to image to display it here.


Are you a member or not? Set to hide to hide the field.


Your combat level. Set to no to hide the field.


Your total level. Set to no to hide the field.


What language(s) do you speak? Set to no to hide the field.


Your country of origin. Set to no to hide the field.


List any alternate accounts here. Set to no to hide the field.


When did you start playing RuneScape? Set to no to hide the field.


When did you join the RuneScape wiki? Set to no to hide the field.


Your edit count. If not given, it will automatically use your overall editcount from Special:Editcount. Set to no to hide the field.


What god in RuneScape do you follow? Set to no to hide the field.


What is your highest skill? Set to "no' to hide the field.


Your favourite skill. Set to no to hide the field.


Your favourite item or weapon. Set to no to hide the field.


Your favourite quest. Set to no to hide the field.


Your favourite activity. Set to no to hide the field.


What WikiFauna type suits you best. Set to no to hide the field.


The total value of all your items. You can use expressions. Set to no to hide the field.


Use these fields to set up extra rows in the infobox displaying whatever you like. Omit the fields to not display the rows.

other#title is the title for row #, and other#text is the text for row #. It currently supports up to three other rows.

The other rows are defined sequentiality - if other1title/text isn't present, other2title/text isn't displayed even if it is present.

links, custlinks

These three work in conjunction with each other.

The default output is a link to your hiscores.

If you wish to hide the field, set links=no and custlinks=no. If you wish to have your own custom links, without the HS/AL links, use links=no and custlinks=links here. If you wish to have both HS/AL links and custom links, leave links= blank and custlinks=links here.

These links appear below the other field.

Quick copy

{{Infobox User
|name = 
|extracss = 
|image = 
|member = 
|combat = 
|total = 
|lang = 
|country = 
|altaccs = 
|rsstart = 
|wikistart = 
|edit = 
|god = 
|highskill = 
|favskill = 
|favitem = 
|favquest = 
|favact = 
|wikifauna = 
|networth = 
|other1title = 
|other1text = 
|other2title = 
|other2text = 
|other3title = 
|other3text = 
|links = 
|custlinks =