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Template documentation
This documentation is transcluded from Template:ItemDropsLine/doc. [edit] [history] [purge]
Template:ItemDropsLine invokes function main in Module:ItemDropsLine using Lua.

The ItemDropsLine template is to be used in conjunction with Template:ItemDropsTableHead to list a monsters that drop the item. This template also complements the Template:DropsLine.


|Monster  = <!-- Name of the monster that drops the item. -->
|Combat   = <!-- Combat level the monster has. -->
|Quantity = <!-- Amount of the item per drop the monster drops. -->
|Rarity   = <!-- How rare it is to get the item from the monster. -->}}

NOTE: The template should be used in one line, like the example below.

Unfilled item drops line for quick copy-paste


Parameter details


Here the exact name of the monster should be entered, including suffixes like (monster). If the monster has no suffixes in RuneScape itself, but it does in the page name here, you should enter Monstername (monster){{!}}Monstername.


The exact combat level of the monster should be entered here. If the monster has multiple combat levels, separate them with a comma.


The amount of items that are dropped each time the monster drops the item should be entered here. If the monster has the possibility to drop different quantities of the same item, separate them with a comma.


The rarity of the item to be dropped by the monster should be entered here. There are only 6 available options:

New Rarity Old Rarity Explanation
Always 100%, Always, listed under "100% drops" header Always dropped by the monster.
Common Very common, common, anything with "common" The most common to get from the monster. Renowned for being common. Nearly always dropped.
Uncommon Blank/no rarity listed, uncommon Dropped sometimes, but not necessarily renowned for being common.
Rare Rare Rarely dropped. Will take quite a few kills to obtain.
Very rare Very rare, extremely rare Renowned for being rare to get from the monster. Hardly ever dropped. Items like rares from bosses.
Varies For Raids monsters/bosses Rarity depends on a number of factors.

Leaving the rarity blank or entering a rarity other than always/common/uncommon/rare/very rare/varies defaults to a white color.