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This is a documentation subpage for Template:Listen.
It contains usage information, categories, and other content that is not part of the original template page.

The Listen template is used to embed an audio file. For a list of audio files, see Category:Audio files.


| title     = title
| desc      = description
| image     = filename of an image to use (optional)
| filename  = filename of the audio (spaces should be included as "_")
| align     = alignment (left/right; default is right)


MIDI file

  • Note: May require installation of certain plug-ins to work.
| title     = Quest completion
| desc      = Plays after a quest is completed.
| filename  = Quest_completed.ogg


Audio options icon.png
Quest completion
Plays after a quest is completed.

OGG file

| title     = Dream
| desc      = Plays west of Lumbridge Castle.
| filename  = Dream.ogg


Audio options icon.png
Plays west of Lumbridge Castle.

OGG file (left-aligned)

| title     = Impetuous
| desc      = Plays when near a crop circle.
| filename  = Impetuous 2.ogg
| align     = left


Audio options icon.png
Plays when near a crop circle.

With image

|title = Earth's Fury
|filename = Jade bolts (e).ogg
|image = [[File:Jade bolts special.gif|200px]]
|desc = A player activates the ''Earth's Fury'' effect


Audio options icon.png
Earth's Fury
Jade bolts special.gif
A player activates the Earth's Fury effect

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