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This is a documentation subpage for Template:MusicList.
It contains usage information, categories, and other content that is not part of the original template page.
Template:MusicList invokes function main in Module:MusicList using Lua.

The MusicList template is used to easily create a list of music tracks that are unlocked in a specific location.


|Trahaearn Toil|Unlocked upon entering the Trahaearn mine.
|Sea Shanty 2|This track unlocks in Port Sarim.
|The Gauntlet (music track)|This track unlocks upon entering [[The Gauntlet]].

results in:

Name Unlock details Music track
Trahaearn Toil Unlocked upon entering the Trahaearn mine.
Sea Shanty 2 This track unlocks in Port Sarim.
The Gauntlet This track unlocks upon entering The Gauntlet.