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This template can be used to generate a list of music tracks based on a Semantic MediaWiki query. It takes two optional parameters, but if these are not speicfied the output will simply return a full list of all music tracks in the game.

A category of music tracks can be specified through the category parameter. This takes any wikilink or property format like SMW queries do. For example {{Music track list|category=[[Category:Music composed by Ashton Mills]]}}. The output for the latter is shown in the collapsed box below:

Ashton Mills music tracks
NameUnlock detailsDurationPlay track
Beneath the KingdomThis track unlocks in the Catacombs of Kourend.04:48Beneath the Kingdom.ogg
ClanlinessThis track unlocks in a Clan Hall.4:48Clanliness.ogg
The FragmentThis track unlocks during the Song of the Elves quest.04:40The Fragment.ogg
Military LifeThis track unlocks in the Shayzien Encampment.04:24Military Life.ogg
No PasaranThis track unlocks during the Song of the Elves quest.04:03No Pasaran.ogg
Regal PompThis track unlocks during the A Kingdom Divided quest.02:39Regal Pomp.ogg
Stand Up and Be CountedThis track unlocks during the Song of the Elves quest.04:10Stand Up and Be Counted.ogg
Well Hallowed AirThis track unlocks in the Hallowed Sepulchre lobby.03:46Well Hallowed Air.ogg

A prefix of tracks to be listed can be given in the prefix parameter. For example {{Music track list|prefix=A,B|category=[[Is members only::false]]}} can be used to show all free-to-play tracks starting with an A or B. The prefix parameter takes a comma separated value, which is case sensitive. The following box shows the example output:

Ashton Mills music tracks
NameUnlock detailsDurationPlay track
AdventureThis track unlock in Varrock Palace.02:34Adventure.ogg
Al Kharid (music track)This track unlocks in Al Kharid.03:18Al Kharid.ogg
AloneThis track unlocks at Ice Mountain.03:27Alone.ogg
ArabianThis track unlocks near the Duel Arena.02:24Arabian.ogg
Arabian 2This track unlocks north of Al Kharid.03:04Arabian 2.ogg
Army of DarknessThis track unlocks at the Dark Warriors' Fortress.02:35Army of Darkness.ogg
ArrivalThis track unlocks in Falador.01:39Arrival.ogg
ArtistryThis track unlocks during a Random Event.03:37Artistry.ogg
Attack 2This track unlocks during the Dragon Slayer I quest.02:42Attack 2.ogg
AttentionThis track unlocks at the coastline south of Rimmington.02:52Attention.ogg
Autumn VoyageThis track unlocks north of Lumbridge.02:17Autumn Voyage.ogg
Barbarian WorkoutThis track unlocks during the Below Ice Mountain quest.02:41Barbarian Workout.ogg
BarbarianismThis track unlocks at Barbarian Village.04:33Barbarianism.ogg
Book of SpellsThis track unlocks in the Lumbridge Swamp.05:28Book of Spells.ogg
Bunny's Sugar RushEaster holiday event (2015 onwards).04:08Bunny's Sugar Rush.ogg

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