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Template documentation
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Otheruses is used to add disambiguation links at the top of the page.


{{Otheruses|def=no|topic|other topic|link}}

Do not use this template on an article with an unambiguous title; for example, a reader who searches specifically for "Bob (Enlightened Journey)" is not likely to have been looking for an article about the cat, so it would not be appropriate to add {{Otheruses|Bob (cat)}} to the top of the Bob (Enlightened Journey) article.

The def=no parameter is optional.


{{otheruses|Varrock|the palace in Varrock|Varrock Palace}} gives:

{{otheruses|the disambiguation template}}

{{otheruses|def=no|the god of balance|Guthix}}

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Template data

Show/hide template's data

The following information is used by extensions and applications, such as VisualEditor, to help users implement this template onto pages. Please ensure that it is up-to-date.

This template is used to add disambiguation links at the top of the page.

Template parameters

Page description1

What the page this template is placed on is about ("This page is about …")

Other page description2

What the other page is about. If unused, defaults to "[page title] (disambiguation)".

Other page title3

The title of the other page.

Page namesuggested

When set to 'no', suppresses the addition of ("This page is about …").