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Template documentation
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The Parse user stats template inserts a table with skill levels into a page. These skills are assigned levels by using ParseHiscoreData. In addition, the template will display the number of quest points and the combat level if provided in the parameter list. The Name parameter will insert a link to the RuneScape Hiscore page for that name.

This template, unlike Template:User stats, will update itself when the page in the Data field is updated.


{{Parse user stats|params (see below)}}

The following parameters are recognised in the template.

{{Parse user stats
   |Data          = A subpage containing hiscores lite data, in {{}} (for example {{User:Me/Hiscores}})
   |Name          = Optional, your RuneScape username, e.g. Zezima
   |Combat        = Optional, your combat level. If this isn't entered the combat level shown will be calculated from your combat skill levels
   |Quest         = The amount of Quest Points you have
   |Extra-css     = Any extra styles that should apply to the stats box. Please don't add quotes around this, but just add the styles themselves.

If a skill is not ranked, you can add an extra parameter to the template with the name of the skill. For example, you can add the following line (before the }}) to the example above:

   |Attack        = Your Attack level, if it's unranked in the official hiscores