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There are five sections of the lookup tables:

  • nofailb, which is the base nofail. This is calculated by a human and manually put in, as the rounding can be off.
  • nofaild, which is the nofail level for diary solvers (10% bonus to the numerator).
  • lvlreq, the required level. This is used to intelligently exclude all pre-lvlreq number rows so you're not shown something like level 5 math for an NPC you can't even pickpocket until level 60.
  • The two numerators, numerator1 and numerator99. The first one is at level 1, and the last is at level 99. Jagex designed the pickpocketing engine to linearly interpolate between these two values, and that's what this template does. These need to come from Jagex, as nobody else has access to them.
  • ardougneLoc, which is a boolean value describing whether or not a version of the NPC is located in Ardougne.