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Template documentation
This documentation is transcluded from Template:Poll/doc. [edit] [purge]
Template:Poll invokes function main in Module:Poll using Lua.
Not to be confused with Template:Old School RuneScape Wiki/Poll

This template provides formatting for poll results for use in Old School Content Poll pages. This automatically ignores answer votes for percentage calculation for answers with the names Skip question and Skip.


This template can be used by entering the following code.

|Question   <-- The question text on the poll -->
|AnswerX    <-- The answer text on the poll -->
|VotesX     <-- The number of votes for an answer -->
|Note       <-- Additional notes for the question -->

For example:

{{Poll|Question=Do you want to understand this template?|Answer1=Yes|Votes1=8000|Answer2=No|Votes2=2000}}
Do you want to understand this template?
Yes80% (8,000 votes)
No20% (2,000 votes)

For more answers:

{{Poll|Question=Do you want to add more answers?|Answer1=Yes|Votes1=8000|Answer2=No|Votes2=1500|Answer3=Skip question|Votes3=500}}
Do you want to add more answers?
Yes84.2% (8,000 votes)
No15.8% (1,500 votes)
Skip questionPlaceholder.png500 votes

This template currently supports up to 20 answers per question.

For a note:

{{Poll|Question=Do you want to add a note?|Answer1=Yes|Votes1=8000|Answer2=From time to time|Votes2=8000|Answer3=Occasionally|Votes3=8000|Note=This is a multiple-choice question.}}
Do you want to add a note?
Yes33.3% (8,000 votes)
From time to time33.3% (8,000 votes)
Occasionally33.3% (8,000 votes)
Note: This is a multiple-choice question.