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Template documentation
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Thes templates are used to format the Past results section of Template:Poll, which is used on the main page.

Results are formatted into a box that is filled to whatever percentage is defined by the third parameter. Like the <poll> tags, the number of votes is displayed in the bar; however, unlike it, the text of the option is displayed in it as well. When hovered over, the vote count is hidden and the percentage of the total votes is displayed. For the Wikia Mobile skin (with which CSS does not work), only text is displayed and in the format "optionX%; Y votes".

Include only raw numbers in the parameters.

{{Poll header|Question|Total votes}}
{{Poll entry|Option|Votes}}
{{Poll entry|Option|Votes}}
{{Poll entry|Option|Votes}}
{{Poll entry|Option|Votes}}

Example poll using styling from Template:Poll
<table id="mp-poll-prev-results"><th>'''Results of previous poll:'''</th>
{{Poll header|Letters?|150}}
{{Poll entry|A|80}}
{{Poll entry|B|40}}
{{Poll entry|C|20}}
{{Poll entry|D|10}}
Results of previous poll:

Letters? (150 votes)

A — 53.3%; 80 votes
B — 26.7%; 40 votes
C — 13.3%; 20 votes
D — 6.7%; 10 votes