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Template documentation
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The QuestRelease template creates a line in the table on List of quest release dates.


|nr      = chronological number of quest
|name    = quest name (without link brackets)
|alt     = alternative quest name (optional)
|former  = if replaced with another quest the name will be striked (<s></s>) (optional)
|date    = day and month (without link brackets)
|year    = year (without link brackets)
|update  = update without "Update:" or link brackets
|qp      = current amount of quest points
|diff    = quest difficulty (uses [[Template:QuestDifficulty]])


{| class="wikitable"
! #
! Quest name
! Release date
! ''RuneScape'' update
! Maximum QP
! Difficulty
| {{QuestRelease|nr=2|name=Demon Slayer|date=4 January|year=2001|update=Runescape beta is now online!|qp=4|diff=Novice}}


# Quest name Release date RuneScape update Maximum QP Difficulty
2 Demon Slayer 4 January 2001 Runescape beta is now online! 4 Novice.png