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Template documentation
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The Quest rewards template is used to display the contents of the Rewards section on quest articles.


{{Quest rewards
|name = Monkey Madness II
|image = [[File:Monkey Madness II reward scroll.png]]
|qp = 4
|rewards =
*{{SCP|Quest|4}} [[Quest points]]
*{{SCP|Slayer|25,000}} [[Slayer]] experience
*{{SCP|Agility|20,000}} [[Agility]] experience
*{{SCP|Thieving|15,000}} [[Thieving]] experience
*{{SCP|Hunter|15,000}} [[Hunter]] experience
*Access to the [[Crash Site Cavern]]
*The ability to communicate with monkeys in [[Ape Atoll]] without the [[M'speak amulet]].
*All NPCs on the surface of [[Ape Atoll]] will be non-aggressive without requiring the use of [[Monkey greegree]]s. 
*Access to [[Ape Atoll]] bank and [[Oobapohk's Javelin Store]]. 
*Access to new glider spot directly to Ape Atoll.
*2x 50,000 [[Experience]] rewards from [[Duke]] in your choice of [[Magic]], [[Ranged]], [[Attack]], [[Defence]], [[Strength]] or [[Hitpoints]]. Found on the hill east of main gate of Ape Atoll. (Walk up west hill, and climb the ladder to reach the east hill.)
*Ability to wield the [[Heavy Ballista]].
*A [[Royal seed pod]], which provides unlimited teleports to the [[Grand Tree]] (Up to level 30 wilderness).
*A [[Monkey (Monkey Madness II)|Monkey]] can be found in one of the crates at the Crash Site. It is purely cosmetic and can be equipped in the cape slot.
*The ability to re-fight [[Glough]] by gazing into the [[Burning brazier]] in [[Zooknock]]s house.
*Access to a new [[Maniacal monkey (Hunter)|maniacal monkey]] hunting area where Glough's laboratory used to be in [[Kruk's Dungeon]].


Parameter Usage Code Mandatory?
name Produces the reward scroll image
|name = Monkey Madness II
image Image of the quest rewards screen
|image = [[File:Quest reward scroll.png]]
qp Amount of quest points awarded by the quest
|qp = 1
rewards Other rewards
|rewards =
* A lamp
* Some XP