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Example (RSN: Example)

Rank requested: Administrator

[Message from nominator goes here]

I accept this nomination for a rank in the OSRS Wiki clan. I have read the clan chat rules and the rank guide pertaining to my desired rank. I understand that this nomination may fail. If I do get community consensus, I promise not to abuse my tools because I am aware that this is a serious transgression. If the community finds that I have done so, I understand that my rank will be revoked, and that in extreme cases I could be given a community ban. Signed, [candidate signs here].


Template documentation
This documentation is transcluded from Template:RFR/doc. [edit] [purge]

When using this template to start a request for a clan chat rank, the syntax is as follows. Note that "subst:" must follow the name of the template so that it will leave template format upon saving the page.

|username = The username of the user you are nominating.
|RSN = The RuneScape display name of the user you are nominating.
|nommessage = The message from the nominator that appears at the start of each request.
|sig = ~~~~ (Delete this parameter if you are nominating someone else)
|rank = Delete this field unless requesting a rank other than Administrator.

the sig parameter is optional, and should only be used at self-nominations. Remove the parameter if not used (do not leave blank).