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This is a documentation subpage for Template:Recommended equipment.
It contains usage information, categories, and other content that is not part of the original template page.
Template:Recommended equipment invokes function main in Module:Recommended equipment using Lua.
Template:Recommended equipment invokes Module:Recommended equipment using Lua.

This template displays the recommended equipment for an activity.


This template can be used by entering the following onto a relevant page.

Currently there is a cap of 5 that will be rendered per slot. Anything added past that will not be shown on the table.

{{Recommended equipment
|style =
|helm# =
|neck# =
|cape# =
|body# =
|legs# =
|weapon# =
|2hweapon# =
|shield# =
|ammo# =
|gloves# =
|boots# =
|ring# =
|special# =

If this template is being used to show a set of gear in each column, instead of just individual best->worst ranking, you may opt to set the shield parameter to 2h for one or more of the slots, which causes the weapon at that position to take up two rows, and omits the shield for that position.