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This is a documentation subpage for Template:RuneReq.
It contains usage information, categories, and other content that is not part of the original template page.

The RuneReq template displays a list of runes/items and numbers against them. Used for spells that give a list of amount of runes/items needed.


  | Air      = number of Air runes
  | Earth    = number of Earth runes
  | Fire     = number of Fire runes
  | Water    = number of Water runes
  | Astral   = number of Astral runes
  | Blood    = number of Blood runes
  | Body     = number of Body runes
  | Chaos    = number of Chaos runes
  | Cosmic   = number of Cosmic runes
  | Death    = number of Death runes
  | Law      = number of Law runes
  | Mind     = number of Mind runes
  | Nature   = number of Nature runes
  | Soul     = number of Soul runes
  | Wrath    = number of Wrath runes
  | Banana   = number of Bananas
  | Orb      = number of Uncharged Orbs
  | Basalt   = number of Basalts
  | Te salt  = number of Te salts
  | Efh salt = number of Efh salts
  | Urt salt = number of Urt salts


The following example:


Produces the following result: 1Earth 2Astral