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Sherlock is a character to whom players must speak if their elite or master clue directs them to do so. He is located between the Sorcerer's Tower and Keep Le Faye. Players may teleport to Sherlock once per day with the Kandarin headgear 3 (from the hard Kandarin Diary), or an unlimited number of times with the Kandarin headgear 4 (from the elite diary).

Sherlock will assign players a skill challenge, which may consist of one of the following (temporary skill boosts may be used where applicable). Once complete, he will give players their next clue or reward.

Note that in order for the skill challenge to count as completed, the challenge scroll must be held in the inventory when the action is performed. If the challenge is completed but the challenge scroll is not in the player's inventory, it will not be counted and the player must do it again with the challenge scroll in their inventory.