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Template documentation
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The tact, or transcript action, template is used on transcript pages for consistent styling on actions, as well as consistent wording on certain phrases.


* Example text
* {{tact|Description of an action.}}
* Example text

This will result in:

  • Example text
  • Description of an action.
  • Example text

Automatic options

The template also has some options that will automatically fill in the desired text:

Specific actions

{{tact|end}} will result in (End of dialogue).

{{tact|members}} will result in (Members-only notice opens)

{{tact|opens=Varrock Swordshop}} will result in (Varrock Swordshop interface opens.)

{{tact|opens2=Grand Exchange collection}} will result in (Grand Exchange collection interface opens.)

The above does not automatically link for instances where the interface it opens does not have a page on the wiki.

{{tact|receives=bronze sword}} will result in (Player receives bronze sword.)

The above does not automatically link due to sometimes requiring additional words such as [a/an/the]: {{tact|receives=the [[Excalibur]]}} resulting in (Player receives the Excalibur.)

Text ordering

{{tact|previous}} will result in (Shows previous options).

{{tact|previous2}} will result in (Shows previous-to-previous options).

{{tact|previous3}} will result in (Shows previous-to-previous-to-previous options).

{{tact|initial}} will result in (Shows initial options).

{{tact|other}} will result in (Shows other options).

{{tact|above}} will result in (Same as above).

{{tact|below}} will result in (Same as below).

{{tact|continue}} will result in (Continues below).