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This is a documentation subpage for Template:Tact.
It contains usage information, categories, and other content that is not part of the original template page.

The tact, or transcript action, template is used on transcript pages for consistent styling on actions, as well as consistent wording on certain phrases.


* Example text
* {{tact|Description of an action.}}
* Example text

This will result in:

  • Example text
  • Description of an action.
  • Example text

Automatic options

The template also has some options that will automatically fill in the desired text:

Specific actions

{{tact|end}} will result in (End of dialogue).

{{tact|opens=Varrock Swordshop}} will result in (Varrock Swordshop interface opens.)

{{tact|opens2=Grand Exchange collection}} will result in (Grand Exchange collection interface opens.)

The above does not automatically link for instances where the interface it opens does not have a page on the wiki.

{{tact|receives=bronze sword}} will result in Player receives bronze sword.

The above does not automatically link due to sometimes requiring additional words such as [a/an/the]: {{tact|receives=the [[Excalibur]]}} resulting in Player receives the Excalibur.

Text ordering

{{tact|previous}} will result in (Shows previous options).

{{tact|previous2}} will result in (Shows previous-to-previous options).

{{tact|previous3}} will result in (Shows previous-to-previous-to-previous options).

{{tact|initial}} will result in (Shows initial options).

{{tact|other}} will result in (Shows other options).

{{tact|above}} will result in (Same as above).

{{tact|below}} will result in (Same as below).

{{tact|continue}} will result in (Continues below).