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Ironman chat badge.png This user plays Ironman mode.
Template documentation
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The Userbox template is used to quickly create a userbox for display on a user's user page without having to know HTML or wiki syntax.


id info
|id       = id text or image
|id-c     = id background colour
|id-fc    = id font colour
|id-s     = id text size
|info     = info text
|info-c   = info background colour
|info-fc  = info font colour
|info-s   = info text size
|border-c = box colour
|border-s = border width (in pixels)


|id       = [[File:Quest start icon.png|25px]]
|id-c     = gold
|id-fc    = #FFFFFF
|info     = '''This user is a [[Members|<span style= "color:black; text-decoration:underline;">member</span>]].'''
|info-c   = #FFE766
|info-fc  = black
|border-c = #786500
|border-s = 1

Gives you:

Quest start icon.png This user is a member.

Additional notes

  • It is suggested that the size of any images in the id box is limited to 36x36 pixels.
  • For a list of colours and the Hex codes for them, see RuneScape:Colour codes
Create new userbox

<createbox> align=left width=30 break=yes prefix=Template:Userbox/ preload=Template:Userbox/Preload buttonlabel=Create New Userbox </createbox>