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UTC{{{1}}} This user's time zone is [[wikipedia:UTC{{{1}}}|UTC{{{1}}}]].


This is a userbox that allows you to display the time zone you are observing.

{{Userbox/time zone
 | Your offset from UTC
 | DST rule


The infobox takes two optional parameters. The first is the UTC offset to be displayed, either a negative number or a positive number with the plus sign, which defaults to 0. Second is the DST rule to be used, which can be set to "none" (areas that don't use DST), "us" (most of the U.S./Canada), "uk" (Europe), or "aus" (Australia, excluding Tasmania), defaulting to none. Note that this template relies on Template:Dst, so the daylight savings calculations might be a bit off.


{{Userbox/time zone|0|uk}}

This would be the setting for Western European Time.

{{Userbox/time zone|-7}}

This setting could be used for Arizona, which doesn't use DST.

{{Userbox/time zone|-5|us}}

This would be the setting for the eastern U.S. and most of Ontario and Quebec.

{{Userbox/time zone|10|aus}}

This setting is used for Victoria, Australia.

Template documentation
This documentation is transcluded from Template:Userbox/doc. [edit] [purge]

The Userbox template is used to quickly create a userbox for display on a user's user page without having to know HTML or wiki syntax.


id info
|id       = id text or image
|id-c     = id background colour
|id-fc    = id font colour
|id-s     = id text size
|info     = info text
|info-c   = info background colour
|info-fc  = info font colour
|info-s   = info text size
|border-c = box colour
|border-s = border width (in pixels)


|id       = [[File:Quest start icon.png|25px]]
|id-c     = gold
|id-fc    = #FFFFFF
|info     = '''This user is a [[Members|<span style= "color:black; text-decoration:underline;">member</span>]].'''
|info-c   = #FFE766
|info-fc  = black
|border-c = #786500
|border-s = 1

Gives you:

Quest start icon.png This user is a member.

Additional notes

  • It is suggested that the size of any images in the id box is limited to 36x36 pixels.
  • For a list of colours and the Hex codes for them, see RuneScape:Colour codes
Create new userbox

<createbox> align=left width=30 break=yes prefix=Template:Userbox/ preload=Template:Userbox/Preload buttonlabel=Create New Userbox </createbox>