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Template documentation
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Template:Uses material list invokes function main in Module:Uses material list using Lua.
Template:Uses material list invokes Module:Uses material list using Lua.


This template is used to generate a list of items or objects that use a specific material. This accepts a comma separated list of names and will seek out to find the list of products available.


{{Uses material list
|comma separated list of material names      = <!-- (Optional) String list of names; Defaults to page name -->
|limit                                       = <!-- (Optional) Limit of items rendered; Defaults to 500 -->


One item

{{Uses material list|Amulet of glory}}
Amulet of Glory (mounted) icon.pngAmulet of Glory (mounted)
Member icon.png
  • Construction 47
  • Construction 290

More than one item

{{Uses material list|Amulet of glory,Amulet of glory(4)}}

Failed to find products with those materials - ensure they are spelled correctly. (ERR: no results from SMW)