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Attack speeds are flipped?[edit source]

For some reason attack speeds are being attributed to the wrong weapons.


  1. Dagger page claims it has an attack speed of 6 and an interval of 2.4 seconds. Daggers actually have an attack speed of 4; however, the interval is correct despite the attack speed being wrong. The same applies to all weapons with attack speed 4 - their page claims they have attack speed 6 when it's actually 4 (but their interval is correct).
  2. Warhammer page says 4, but it's 6. Its interval (3.6 secons) is correct.
  3. Halberd page says 3, but it's 7. Its interval (4.2 seconds) is correct.
  4. Dark bow says 2, but it's 8. Its interval (4.8 seconds) is correct.

The attack speed and time interval with weapons of attack speed 5 are correct. It seems all of the values before and after 5 are being flipped: 4 becomes 6 and vice versa, 3 becomes 7 and vice versa, 2 becomes 8 and vice versa.

The Attack speed page has all of the correct attack speed values. (Assuming attack speed is supposed to be the same as ticks between attacks, with low values being faster speeds.) Zants (talk) 22:56, March 22, 2015 (UTC)

Nevermind. Talked with another player today and they jogged my memory -- higher attack speeds were always given to faster weapons, the attack speed isn't the exact same as the tick duration. This is further validated by pages like these: File:Monster_attack_speed_7.gif. I guess it's just the Attack speed page which needs some editing for clarification. Zants (talk) 03:06, March 25, 2015 (UTC)