Temple of Ikov (dungeon)

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Temple of Ikov
Temple of Ikov.png
Released17 June 2002 (Update)
MusicChain of Command, Attack 5
Temple of Ikov map.png
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The Temple of Ikov is a dungeon underneath Hemenster. The Temple of Ikov quest does not need to be started to access the dungeon, however a pendant of lucien is required to pass through the gates north-west of the southern entrance. The main entrance to the dungeon is located south of the Ranging Guild and secondary entrance inside the house in McGrubor's Wood requires a shiny key.

The two entrances to the dungeon.

You can also pick up the Boots of lightness in here if you have lost your pair (bring a light source and slashing weapon). This is also where the Staff of Armadyl was located.

The Temple of Ikov is the site of the only remaining temple of Armadyl in Gielinor, and is inhabited by the Guardians of Armadyl. The guardians serve to protect the Staff of Armadyl, a very powerful staff used by Zamorak to banish Zaros at the end of the Second Age.

During the Temple of Ikov quest, the player is employed by Lucien to steal the staff from the temple, although the player is later given the choice to either aid the guardians or Lucien. Despite what the player chooses to do, the staff is later stolen anyway by Movario.

The music track that plays in the temple is "Chain Of Command".

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The former KBD Lair, visible by using the oculus orb.
  • Originally, when RuneScape 2 was released, the King Black Dragon Lair was mapped by the Temple of Ikov. It was later changed due to safespotting.[1] It still exists in-game, although it cannot be reached by any means and has no purpose. Players who are in the icy area of the Temple of Ikov can see some of the old KBD lair's tiles on their minimap, and even hear the lava bubbling if they stand close enough to the western wall.

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  1. ^ Jagex. Mod Ash's Twitter account. 7 August 2014. Archived from the original on 24 September 2018. Mod Ash: "When RuneScape 2 came out, the KBD lair was mapped by the Temple of Ikov. It changed due to safe-spotting."